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Flight (2012)
Flight (2012)
Titre du film: Flight
année: 2012
réalisateur: Robert Zemeckis
Writer: John Gatins (screenplay)
Vedettes: Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Don Cheadle
Genres: Drama
pays: USA
langue: French, Romanian
Date de sortie: 2 November 2012 (USA)
Alias​​: ?????
Emplacements film: USA

Movie summary:
A good air travel initial will save the trip through crashes, however a study to the failures discloses some thing unpleasant.

Voir la bande annonce Flight (2012)

Robert Zemeckis a most recent movie Flight starring Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington isn't just completely enjoyable as well as terrifically organised, this has a spirit which Hollywood has not truly shipped within quite a while. The actual movie, which shut the actual New York Film Festival, is merely among the best movies from the 12 months.

Flight informs the actual tale associated with Whip Whitaker, a good air travel initial which will save the airplane as well as almost all it's people from the particular passing away. Whenever a study is actually completed in order to check out the information on the actual accident, Whip's unpleasant way of life starts in order to area. Author John Latins produces the powerful as well as an interior story conflict with regard to audiences being submerged inside a tale filled with psychological battle. It is a distinctive and incredibly interesting tale which appears as you associated with season's greatest initiatives.

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